Happy Martin Luther King Day!

It was so nice to have Monday off as a holiday today, but I hope that everyone also took a moment to appreciate Martin Luther King Jr. for the man that he was, and all that he did for our community.

Off to see the wizard!

New York was a blast, and Wicked was just fantastic!  Our trip was a quick one, and full of all kinds of adventures.  Boy was I tired by the end of the day!  Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of pictures because it was FA-Reezing and I was too cold to take my glove off and my camera out!

After a rather uneventful 4 hour bus ride Sister #1 and I met up with Sister #2 and we had lunch at the Stage Deli.  The food was delicious, even if it came in portions meant for giants.  And the humungous slab of cheesecake that showed up for dessert was to die for.  Once again, I’m SO glad a diet wasn’t on my list of New Year’s Resolutions…For any of you who have been to NYC, or have at least heard about it, it certainly is full of lights and people!

Times Square in all of its glory

We got to see some men trying to break the Guiness Book of World Record’s longest handshake record.  They were 20 hours into shaking hands when we passed by…

People trying to break the world record for “longest handshake”

We even saw a Bride and Groom!

Happy Wedding…complete strangers in the middle of Times Square

And there is a VERY blury picture of us up on the jumbo tron!

There we are!  Blury…taking pictures of the picture billboard on the side of a building

What a whirl wind of a Saturday!  Certainly made me appreciate the extra day off today even more!

Sunday was my Mom’s birthday…Happy Birthday Mom!  So we hung out at home, ordered Chinese Food and watched the Patriot’s fumble the play off game.  BOO.  Congratulations Jets…that was tough to say.

Today B and I finally got to spend some time together.  Between me being wiped out with the flu last week, and his hectic schedule, we hadn’t seen each other in over a week.  I hate when that happens…

I finally got around to finishing off my colored filter wreath that I gave a sneak peek to here.  Check it out!

As you saw in this post, I followed almost the exact same steps.  First, I took a foam brush and paint and added a thin layer to the edges of my coffee filters.  Before they dried I blew on them a bit to help separate the edges.  Then I peeled them all apart to let them dry.

Filters drying…see the little bit of purple on the edge!

Next I pre-folded my filters, like I did the last time.  Because I was working with a smaller wreath form this time, I decided to fold my filters into 1/8th rather than 1/4th.

I started the process the same.  Layed the wreath form flat on the table, started at the bottom and continued to glue my filters up and around.  For a full tutorial check out this post.

After running out of filters, it took me until now to stock back up and complete the process.  Once I was finished, I hung it on the door.  See what you think!

Finished product.

I think the little pop of color give it character and makes it a nice addition to the room!  I think I’ve had enough of folding and gluing coffee filters for now though…

Have a great Tuesday Everyone!

You had me at Merlot

Today’s project is something I came up with as an idea for using empty wine bottles.  We seem to have a lot of those lying around, and instead of just dumping them in the recycling bin, I wanted to come up with a way to re-use them.  I often times save bottles because I think they have an interesting shape and might make a nice addition to my ever growing collection.  But what to do with them?

I had a couple of ideas, but wanted to come up with something that made them look a little less like…empty wine bottles, was cheap and easy (ie:  no glass cutter necessary), and would spice things up for an interesting look.  Ahhh….Jute to the rescue!  Here’s what I came up with.

All you need is an empty bottle, who doesn’t love an excuse to polish off a couple glasses of wine! (I like glass because it is nice and sturdy, but you could try plastic.  It also doesn’t have to be wine, it could be anything…beer bottle, soda bottle, olive oil bottle…you name it, it actually might be fun to play around with different sized bottles), Jute, and glue (I used basic clear tacky glue).

All the necessary ingredients…yes, that’s really it!

Step 1: Wash out the bottle!  The last thing you want is to smell moldy residue a few weeks down the line.  I chose to remove the labels (hot water and soap worked fine, sometimes with a little dab of goo be gone for the persistent pieces), but this is optional.  The jute will cover everything, and you most likely won’t even be able to tell if there is still a label underneath.

Step 2:  I like to start at the top of the bottle, add about an inch of glue all the way around.

Step 3: Attach the Jute and start wrapping it around the bottle.  The glue will dry clear so don’t worry if it leaks out between the strands of Jute.  I like to keep it nice and tight without any gaps of glass showing through, but whatever you think looks the most creative is fine too!

Beginning of the “wrapping” process

Step 4:  Continue to wrap the Jute around the bottle, after the first initial inch it isn’t necessary to add glue to the whole bottle, the Jute will keep itself in place.  Every 2 inches or so I like to add a little more glue just to make sure things don’t slide around too much.  Keep chugging along…

The “wrapping” process continues…

Step 5: About half way through I like to flip the bottle upside down and balance it on the table.  I feel like I have better control this way, and can just hold onto the string of Jute while I rotate the bottle on the table.  But whatever works best for you is totally fine.

Flip for more control…you’re almost there!

Step 6:  Once you reach the last inch or so of the bottle, make sure to add some more glue so that things stay in place.  Don’t worry about covering the bottom of the bottle, this means it won’t lay flat on the table, or whatever surface you choose to put it on.

Step 7:  Cut off the Jute and add a little extra dab of glue on each end so that nothing fray’s or comes loose over time.  Then…let it dry!

Now, you may be wondering what to do with your bottle now that it’s finished.  I personally love using it as a simple flower vase.  I have one on the small table in my bathroom, which I think adds a nice personal touch.

Used as a flower vase

I also have a small collection of interesting wine stoppers.  Some I’ve purchased (one while on a trip to Scotland visiting Sister #2!)  others were gifts or ones that just caught my eye at the store.  Take a look:

 I think the pretty stoppers give the bottles a little extra flare.  Here I have another bottle sitting on top of my heater with one of the blown glass stoppers in it.

As decoration with a pretty glass stopper

You can come up with your own ideas of how to use your bottles.  I think they would look pretty just on their own.  I like the idea of using different sized bottles and arranging them nicely on a shelf somewhere.  My mom really likes the idea of getting a lamp kit and turning the bottles into lamps.  I’m not sure if I can pull that one off…but it might be worth a try! Hmmmmm decisions decisions.


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I hope everyone had a great week and are ready to enjoy their weekends!  I’ll be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to catch a bus to NYC with Sister #1, where we will meet up with Sister #2.  We will then be headed to Broadway for the show Wicked!  I’m wicked excited! 🙂