Erin Condren Life Planner – April 25th – May 1st

Now that work has picked up I’m managing two planner, a life planner – My Erin Condren, and a work planner – a Lilly Pulitzer.  How many of you use multiple planners, or do you merge everything into one?

Erin Condren vs. Lilly Pulitzer
Erin Condren and Lilly Pulitzer

They both serve very different purposes, and right now I need that.  Perhaps eventually I will merge the two, but for now it is much easier to keep work and home separate.  Work is full of all the meetings and calls I need to keep straight, as well as where I need to be.  Currently I am working remotely, sometimes at home sometimes at other locations, so I need to keep it all straight.  The Erin Condren I keep updated with daily happenings, meal plans and personal to-do lists.

This weeks meal plan was:

Monday – Chicken Patties and Tater Tots (Guilty pleasure, I was at a CPR/First Aid class until 9pm and wasn’t coming home to cook…)

Tuesday – Meatloaf and Potatoes

Wednesday – Crock Pot chicken tacos

Thursday – Pasta and Pesto Sauce

Friday – Chicken Sausages and Sweet Potatoes

Erin Condren vs. Lilly Pulitzer
Home life vs. Work life…the struggle!

I don’t want my work planner to be full of washi tape, stamps and stickers, but a little flair and motivation here and there never hurts!

I was excited to see that my local Michaels is finally starting to carry some Happy Planner supplies.  I scored some great stickers on 40% clearance this weekend.  And I have already put them to use!

The Happy Planner Stickers
The Happy Planner stickers from Michaels…40 percent off, score!

Does anyone else find that they have to actually schedule time to plan?  What is that nonsense!

Happy planning all!

Erin Condren Life Planner – February 1st-7th

I can’t believe February is already here! January flew by us, it feels like I just blinked. It doesn’t help that it was in the high 50’s today. For New England we should be in the thick of snow and winter, not that I’m complaining, but it just doesn’t feel like winter!

We have switched over to a different color scheme, here is the February spread:

Blank spread for the week of February 1st

I kept it real simple this week, a less is more approach.  I primarily used stickers from Michaels, and then my standard weekly stickers and stamps.  Check out my post from January 25th-31st for where they all come from.

Here is the week before the ink, and a closeup:

Stickers and stamps added, no writing yet.
Close up, how lovely!

I didn’t use all the washi tape, and I didn’t glue down any extra’s.  Like I said, simple, less is more.  I love how simple it is and yet still inspiring.  Here is the final spread:

Completed week of February 1st

Plenty of room and space for me to add to as the week gets underway.  Working on our menu plan now!

What are you up to this week?

Erin Condren Life Planner – January 25th-31st

I can’t believe we are already into the last week of January!  Somehow this year is already managing to fly by.  Here is the weekly spread for this week in my Erin Condren Life Planner:


Erin Condren Life Planner

You can see that the pages crumpled a little bit from last week where I glued down some card stock.  Oh well, once I fill up the pages it really won’t matter much.

This week I used stickers from The Preppy Planner and stamps from Sandra Amelia.  The ink I used and other stickers came from Michaels.  Here is what it ended up looking like:

Weekly planner spread

I love the bright greens which brighten up the snowy weather that has finally arrived here!  We only got about 6″ of snow, which really was a blessing.  We braved the weather to host a monthly Free Family Movie night at our church.  I was surprised at the turn out we had regardless of the snowy weather!  I brought along the adult coloring book and markers my sister gave me for Christmas, and it ended up being a decent snowy Saturday!

Nothing like a little adult coloring and markers for a snowy Saturday evening!

Back to the planner…we have a vet appointment for Cody tomorrow, I ended up using a combination of both The Preppy Planner’s sticker and Sandra Amelia’s stamp:

Sticker and Stamp for a Vet appointment Reminder

Still working on what our menu plan will look like!  I hope that for all of you who received snow stayed safe and warm!

Have a happy week!

Erin Condren Life Planner – January 18-24

Weekly Spread for Erin Condren Life Planner
Completed week at a Glance

On my weekly spread you could see a little bit of the bleed through from the markers last week.  So I knew I would need to use stickers or paper or something to cover that up.  I stayed with a similar color scheme as last week since January tends to be the teals.  For this week I used stickers from Michaels, Washi Tape and card stock from Target, Stamps from Sandra Amelia , and stickers from The Preppy Planner.

Sandra’s stamps were some of my favorite.  I used the dollar bills as a reminder of when I have bills due this week, but it would also be adorable as a payday reminder.  Unfortunately this week isn’t a pay week!

Bill reminders

I also love her little grocery cart stamp, I mean come on!

The cutest little grocery cart stamp!

The “buy it” label is really a page flag that I cut and glued to the page.  It came from the dollar spot at Target.

Page flags from the dollar spot at Target

What does your week look like?

Love Letter Mailbox

With an early release from school today, and an already announced snow day tomorrow…I think it’s safe to say New England has been brutally stomped with snow once again! I haven’t worked a full work week since the new year started…hello winter. This time I’m fully embracing the snow day, Margarita in hand, and a fun project to work on tomorrow. Yes please!

Today’s project is super simple, but pretty darn cute. The other day when I was perusing Target’s $spot I found some pretty cute little mailboxes. Very small, but what better use than for some love letters? Even though Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time you should be showing love and affection, I love all the ideas it inspires! I certainly love on B every day, but will take every hallmark opportunity to focus on that hunky man.

All the materials that I needed – $1 mailbox from Target, Letter Stickers, and Decorative Stickers.

Next I wrote Love Letter on once side with the sparkly letter stickers.  I wanted it to say “Love Letters” but alas, I ran out of space.

Then on the end I wrote XOXO, gotta love those hugs and kisses.

On the other side I added our initials.  I positioned it in the corner so you could see it with the flag both up and down:

 Next I added the embellishment stickers to each side:

 I will most likely coat the whole thing in a thin layer of Mod Podge just to make sure all the stickers stay in place long term.

Here is what the whole thing looks like with my homemade Valentine inside:

B gets one of those homemade personalized Valentines every day up until the 14th.  I’ll post the tutorial later this week, so stay tuned!

Love is in the air!

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