Love Bug

If there’s anything I hate more than shoveling snow…it’s shoveling snow that also includes an hour’s worth of rain…I did a pitiful job on the tiniest part of our driveway this afternoon, but man, that slush got the best of me.  I got probably the hardest upper arm work out since dislocating my shoulder in September…and I’m the cool kid in bed with a heating pad right now.  My poor back…

Onto more fun and exciting things, the Valentine Bug has finally bitten me.  I decided to start a couple Valentine-esque crafts this week.  Today’s was super cheap because I had almost all of the materials hanging around the house!  Check out what I threw together:

All you need are styrofoam balls, hot glue gun, yarn, decorative ribbon, and a glass container.  The only things I had to purchase were two bag of styrofoam balls.  I went for one bag of 6 medium size, and one bag of 12 smaller size.  Overall, with my coupon, I only spent a few dollars.  Win!  Here’s what I did.

First I went scouting through my yarn collection and came up with a couple different colors that reminded me of Valentines Day.  I came up with white, pink, maroon, purple, and turquoise.  The turquoise was more of just an added color pop, but I like how they all look together.

Step 1:  Add a small dot of glue to the styrofoam ball, and attach the end of your yarn.

Styrofoam ball, this is the medium size
Attach the end of your yarn to a small dot of glue

Step 2:  Begin to wrap your yarn around the foam ball.

Start wrapping the yarn around the ball

Step 3: Continue to wrap the yarn.  You can make yours nice and neat, but I chose to go for a messier look.

Continue wrapping until you can no longer see the foam underneath

Step 4: I just continued to wrap until you could no longer see any of the styrofoam underneath.  At this point I cut off the yarn and added another dot of glue to attach the end.  You want to make sure that the end is secure and will not unravel.

Step 5:  Find a glass, or plastic see-through, container.  I chose a Hurricane jar that I had lying around.  Here is what all my different colored yarn balls looked like:

At this point the project is complete.  I felt like my container needed a little something extra, so I went in search of some ribbon.  I decided to give it a little sparkle.

Sparkly ribbon

 But I still felt like it was missing something!  For a final touch I decided to add a little stripe of extra pink.

Extra splash of color with the ribbon

I’m pretty happy with the end result.  I think it gives the corner a nice little pop of color, and the Valentine’s/Spring color theme is getting me ready for the upcoming holiday!

Stay tuned for more Valentine themed projects this week!

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I’m dreaming of a white…Wednesday

Holy snow batman!  This is what I saw when I woke up this morning:

There’s a house in there…somewhere.  Photo courtesy of my Dad

I was giddy as a little school girl, because school cancellations and snow days are WAY more fun as a teacher than they ever were as a student.  I’m sure I’ll feel differently about that once I’m a parent, but for now, I’ll take it!  The snow day came at the perfect time.  As you can tell from my lack of posting the last few days, I was literally, and figuratively, knocked on my ASS with the flu.  I’m talking Sunday night to Wednesday morning I didn’t go anywhere other than from my bed, to the couch, and back.  Non stop fever, cold chills followed by hot sweats, constant full body aches, no appetite, headache up the wazoo, you name it.  Blegh.  I’m so glad the worst is over.  I still have a lingering sore throat, but feel 1,000 times better than I did.

I did end up having to take Monday and Tuesday as sick days, and then was lucky enough to get today off as a snow day, and whats that…oh the phone ringing?  Tomorrow is a snow day too?  You don’t say?!?  Well hallelujah!  I’ll be good to go by Friday, I think I can manage a 1 day work week.  And then its off to the Big Apple with Sister’s 1 and 2 for Wicked on Broadway!  Merry Christmas to us, thanks Mom!

Considering I’ve been on the couch or in my bed for the last 3 days, I haven’t gotten much done.  But I was visiting my friends over at eighteen25, and perusing through some of their older posts and came across this adorable To Do List with a free print out.  Umm hello, it doesn’t get easier than that.  So I printed it off, and stuck it in an old 8×10 Ikea frame I had lying around (free, I guess it does get even easier!).  And I love what I’ve come up with!  Thanks ladies!

Not only is this practical and cute, but it totally fits in with my New Years Resolution to stay organized.  I’ve even filled it with things to do…and checked off a few!  Productivity at its best.  I may end up painting the frame, or adding some kind of color to make it pop, but for now I’m pretty happy.  If you want to see their take, and find the free print off, click here.

I also finished off some of the coasters I made the other day.  Added felt to the bottom, and wrapped ’em up with a ribbon and now they’re ready to be a hostess gift or something next year.  Let’s just hope by next year I remember where they are!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesday, and aren’t quite as snowed in, or flu like as I was!