Infant Painting – Happy Valentines Day!

Since the hubs was at an all day wrestling tournament, I had the pleasure of being able to spend my Valentines Day with the cutest 6 month old I know!  (He is my nephew, so I might be a little biased)  I love getting to spend time with him, and it was nice to be able to give my sister and brother in law some time out of the house.
Being Valentine’s Day and all I thought it would be fun for us to make a project for mom and dad while they were out.  But what kind of project could I do with a 24 month baby?  I was able to find all kinds of recipes for edible finger paints, but I wasn’t sure that was the best way to go.  He has only just recently started foods, so even though the paints are edible he hasn’t had any of the ingredients.  Handprint projects are always fun, but that wasn’t really something he could do on his own, it was a more Auntie directed project.  So I was off in search of something we could do that was mess free and involved some independence on his part.
Off I went to Michaels, of course with my 40% off coupon in hand, for a few materials.  I settled on a small canvas and some paints.  I pulled out some painters tape and spelled out LOVE, how Valentine appropriate.

Canvas, painters tape, and a little bit of paint

I put dabs of paint in random places all over the canvas, and I sealed it into a large gallon sized plastic bag.

Spread out the paints
Place inside of a gallon sized plastic bag and seal closed.

I grabbed the boppy, and figured I would first see if he would “finger paint” through the bag.  He was somewhat interested, but no overwhelming response.  So it was time to brainstorm a better option…

He is a master at tummy time, but wasn’t too enthused
Definitely succeeded in squishing it around somewhat

What’s better than the Johnny Jump up!  Now that he loves, and clearly couldn’t tell that he was doing work! (sorry for anyone bothered by the blurry photos, it was intentional to preserve his privacy :))

Better way to go!  He jumped all over that paint!  And it was total mess free!

After I put him down for a nap, I took the finished project out of the plastic bag and pealed off the painters tape.

Finished project inside the bag, zero mess to clean up
Slid it right out of the bag
Peal off the paint, and tada!  Adorable

Very colorful with lots of texture.  Good work kiddo!
How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?


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What I’ve been working on

For anyone who hasn’t seen shots of my ugly bathroom with it’s hideous wall paper, here are a couple gems, mess and all:

Clearly my small attempts at decorating were futile since everything is just so outdated.  I’m hanging out Friday night, and the areas with peeling wall paper start getting to me…

So what do I decide to do?  Give the wall paper a tug and see what happens!

I was surprised to find out how easily it was coming off!  So I grabbed a couple tools and got to work.  Huge chunks of the paper were just peeling right off…awesome, right?

I was able to get most of the wall paper off pretty easily, just scrape, peel, ta da!  Minus a few tricky areas behind the toilet, tub, and radiator.  However…look at the nasty layer of adhesive it left behind!

However, with a bucket of hot hot water, a sponge, and a smaller scraper, I was again pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to remove the adhesive.  Time consuming…you betcha, blisters on my fingers…oh yes, achy back…check.  But look how it progressed:

Pink paint underneath…gross.  I took a break for the night, and came back refreshed the next day.  This involved more removing of adhesive…wet area, scrap, pull, repeat.  And then I went back with warm soapy water and scrubbed the walls with the rough side of my sponge.  Here’s how things are looking!

 I can’t believe the progress already!  There are some spots where the paint peeled off the wall…so there will be lots of sanding to come:

The woodwork will all need to be sanded and smoothed down as well before being painted.  And there are some major cracks and holes that need repair work:

Clearly this isn’t some simple small project, I’ve got hours of hard work and elbow grease ahead of me, but I’m excited about it.  I can’t believe I’ve already made this much progress in 2 days!  Stay tuned to see how my bathroom progresses!

Hope the rest of you had a wonderful weekend!

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