Spring = difficulty with Spray Paint

I ended up playing hooky from work today, lets call it a mental health day.  And boy was it needed!

My car will finally be done this afternoon and I can pick it up after a home visit with a student.  I haven’t heard the final bill yet…and I’m cringing just thinking about it.  But hopefully all will be good.

Instead of sharing my “to do” lists, I’d like to share my “done” list!  Today was a productive day!

It started with submitting my final graduate paper.  Man, does it feel good!  Maybe one day I’ll finish the whole masters, but for now I’m happy with the certificate I set out to complete!  5 classes finished, with excellent grades, and paid in full.  Halleluia!

You’ll never guess what else I finished!  The bathroom walls are completely finished!  Let’s not talk about the wood work…floor…or ceiling.  Celebrate the walls!

 Not the best lighting, it makes them look washed out a bit.  But at this point, not an inch of me cares, they’re finished!  I’ll try to take some better pictures tonight after the sun has gone down.  HUGE project to cross off of my list.  I know that the bathroom isn’t nearly finished yet…but that was a big step!

While cleaning and packing things I got stuck with a bookcase dilemma.  This was the color of my bookcase:

Cute when I was younger, but not quite the look we’re going for now.  But it’s a sturdy bookcase that is still perfectly functional.  I washed that puppy up and let it dry overnight.

Then I chose a white spray paint that didn’t require any primer.  I was excited to give the spray paint a chance, particularly since each coat only needs 15 minutes to dry (WAY better than waiting 4 hours for paint from a can to dry before you can do another coat).

The worst thing about spray painting in spring, at least here in MA, is that it’s windy…and goes from a beautiful sunny day to rain storms in a matter of minutes.  I’m glad I got as far as I did today, because the next sunny day isn’t supposed to be until next Tuesday!  That barely gives me any time until we move to finish her up!

But I digress….here is the progress!

After the first coat of spray paint:

Then after a second coat:

 And then I got smart and decided to stick the beast up on some old saw horses for better access, particularly to the bottom half:

Now I was in business!  I’m certainly not the world’s best spray painter, hence the drips:

But I was able to complete this so quickly, as opposed to waiting for hours during dry time.  I also liked that I didn’t need to do 2 coats of primer…followed by 2 coats of paint in order to cover up that ugly blue.

It did however take me 3 cans of spray paint…and it still has a blue-ish tint!

But I’m totally ok with that.  Already it looks better than it did at first, and my ultimate goal is to have a white exterior, and have the inside and shelves be the color of the bathroom.  Luckily I have 3/4 of a gallon of left over paint!  That will almost definitely be waiting until after the move though.  There’s only so much I can cram into the next week and a half!  I’m exited to show you all the final final reveal…but don’t expect it any time soon 🙂

Here’s a peak at what my garage is looking like these days:

Another small cabinet that needs to be repainted…but that also won’t happen until after the move.  And there’s our brand new couch hiding in the background covered in plastic.  Good thing since all the green pollen is starting to attack!

While I was out spray painting in the back yard I came across some awesome tiny pinecones:

I grabbed a bag and started collecting:

That’s a large ziploc…not a tiny sandwich bag by the way.  I’m excited, but really happy I have many many months before deciding what kind of fall themed craft they will turn into.  Stay tuned!

Hope everyone is enjoying May so far, 9 days until my birthday.  Just sayin’  🙂

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Picking Paint for the Bathroom

As many of you know, I’ve been doing quite a bit of work renovating my bathroom.  If you’ve missed the process check it out here.  Things have been on hold for a while, pending a decision regarding paint color…but I think we have finally come to a consensus!

Since this is my parents house, and I will be moving out in a month, my mom wanted to decide on paint color, fair enough considering I won’t be here long enough to even enjoy it.  She wanted a beach cottage type of feel, so we were going to the sea foam/sea glass type of look.  After spending some time perusing all kinds of paint chips at the local Home Depot we settled on two, very similar but different tints.  The middle of each card were what we liked best:

We purchased a sample size of each color and brought ’em home:

 Thanks to the size of samples these days, we were able to put a nice size patch of each on two different walls.  Sorry for the terrible lighting…but you get the idea!

After some deliberation, it was a unanimous vote to go with the lighter of the two colors, found on the left of each picture.  I think it will look very pretty, and with the crisp white on all the wood work and floors, it will help keep the small room nice and open.

Next step will be one more coat of primer to cover up the samples…I don’t want some areas looking darker than the rest.  And then it will be back to Home Depot to purchase the actual paint.  Lots to work on this week!  I love how things are finally really coming together!!

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Primed and Ready!

I’m so excited to finally be able to show you guys what the bathroom is looking like!  It’s ridiculous what a difference a couple coats of primer make!

This has been a wonderful weekend, B and I put a deposit down on the apartment we fell in love with.  Both our credit was great, so we have the unofficial word we’ve been approved, just waiting for the official word.  If all goes according to plan, we move May 15th!  It’s a 2 family house, and we will be living on the top floor.

May 15th is actually my baby sister’s (so not a baby anymore!) college graduation day, so we’ll be away, but we’re excited none the less!  I finish up my final graduate class on May 10th, so the next 5 weeks are going to be ridiculously busy!  I apologize ahead of time if I’m not around and updating regularly, I’m sure you all will understand!

Back to what I’ve been working away at!  After all the work we put into patching, sanding, and prepping the walls, it was finallllly time for some primer.  Hallelujah!

Here is another peek at the walls all patched and ready to go:

 First I gave the Frog Tape I’ve heard such good reviews about a go.

I taped off the baseboards, ceiling, window frames, around the sink, and around the toilet paper holder.  Basically anything I didn’t want paint getting on.  The baseboards and ceiling will be getting their own coat of primer, but I didn’t want it end up being splotchy or drippy, so they were taped off.

I grabbed my primer, and an angled brush.  I used the brush to cut in the edges, near the ceiling, window, baseboards, around the sink, and anywhere a roller wouldn’t be able to fit.

 Here is how things started to come together after cutting in all the edges:

 I grabbed a small roller for the rest of the wall.  This is easier than hand painting the walls, since they were pretty open and flat:

 Here is how things started to look after the first coat of primer:

While I was waiting for the first coat to dry, I wanted to keep my left over paint and brush ready to go, so I covered everything with a layer of cling wrap.  This helps prevent your brush and paint from drying out:

I decided that 3 coats of primer was about what I needed to even everything out and make sure all the pink was properly covered up.  You can barely even see the patch I used to fix the crack above the sink!  Love it!

 In this picture if you look at the back wall by the toilet (with only 2 coats of paint) you can see the difference between 2 and 3 coats of paint, and why that extra coat was necessary.

Here is what the walls are looking like today:

 Remember to peel the painters tape off before the final coat is dry, this will help prevent paint from peeling off along with the tape.  We love the crisp clean lines!  And just because I’m proud of all the hard work…here is a trip down memory lane:

Isn’t it crazy what a difference a little spackle and primer can make??  What a process, but I’m loving it!  I can’t wait to tackle the woodwork, ceiling, and floor.  It’s starting to really come together!!

Hope you all have nice weather where you are.  It’s finally flip flop weather…time to break out the nail polish!

Happy Sunday!

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Shelf Reveal!

Everyone ready for the big reveal?  I teased you all yesterday when I showed how to make a quatrefoil stencil, and now I’m ready to show you how I used it!

First up it was time to sand the shelves.  I used a power sander, cause there were too many shelves for me to tackle it by hand.  But if you don’t have a power hand sander, a good old block and piece of sand paper would be just fine:

 Once everything was sanded, I wiped them down with a wet towel, to get rid of all the saw dust, and let them thoroughly dry:

 Once everything was completely dry, I used 2 coats of primer, whatever I had lying around the house was good enough!

 After I let the primer completely dry overnight (follow the back of the can for drying times) I proceeded with two coats of paint.  Again, I was lucky enough to have white paint on hand at home, and didn’t need to purchase anything.  Love that!

 I again let this dry over night to make sure it was good and ready.  Now it’s time to stencil!  (Refer to my post from yesterday about how to create a stencil).  Because I wanted my darker paint to be the lines, I decided to trace with a pencil.  If you are using your contrasting paint to fill in the middle, go ahead and paint right over the stencil.

I laid down my stencil, and then used a couple pieces of painters tape to make sure it was securely in place:

 I then used a pencil and traced all of the lines.  I would then peel off the tape, and move my stencil up or to the side, and continue tracing, until the whole board was traced:

Once everything was traced, I used my free paint sample from Valspar, to paint inside the lines:

Once everything was dry, I went over it again with a second coat of paint.

The next thing I did is completely optional, but I thought it gave my shelves a nice pop.  While perusing my local craft store one day (Michael’s for anyone curious) I found some cute shelf liner for only $3.  Seemed like a good deal to me!

The liner has a convenient grid on the back, so it is easy to cut straight lines, and make the right size.  Make sure to measure your shelf before cutting!  This is super sticky, so watch out!  I cut the size I needed, peeled off the back, and stuck it onto my shelf.  I then used an exacto knife to trim the edges off:

 I then used a wet paper towel to smooth down the liner, and my rubber roller to help ease out any air bubbles:

 Make sure you trim your liner so that it is not covering the seam, this will be important when you are putting your shelf together:

The final step was to use the cute roller Valspar sent with the sample, to paint the top of my shelf, and cover the edges.  I liked this look better than just the plain white, but it’s totally up to you!

Once everything was good and dry, it was time to start assembly.  I have a lovely blister on the inside of my finger from the screw driver.  Ahhh the price of beauty!

 I again chose to use the circle stickers that came with the shelf to cover up the screws.  Once I painted over them you could barely even see them.

Here she is all put together.  The baskets are empty for now…but not for long!

 What do you think?  I’m loving how it all came together!  Time consuming, yes, but so worth it!  The best part is, I only used about 1/3 of the paint sample, so there is plenty left for the second shelf.  I do have a matching shelf…but I’ve only gotten as far as priming, so it will be a while before she is up and running.

Break down of the cost:
     Bookcase:  $20
     Sanding materials:  $0, already had
     Primer:  $0, already had
     Paint:  $0, already had
     Contrasting Paint:  Free!  Sample from Valspar
     Stencil:  $0, made myself
     Shelf Liner:  $3

So for $23 I went from this:

Not exact model

To this!

Improvement, no?  Thanks for stopping by!

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