spray painted candle holders

Truth be told, I don’t have a ton of experience with spray painting.  I’m more of a brush and paint kinda gal.  However, I decided to give the old can of paint a try.

I’ve been looking for a nice way to display some of the Flower Pomanders that I made a few weeks ago.  After perusing through the isles of Ikea I found some fairly inexpensive block candles holders.  I liked the curves, they were just too dark for what I was looking for:

This is actually the larger size, I painted the smaller version

I purchased a can of regular old white spray paint and got to work.  I didn’t sand or prime or anything, it took about 4 coats of paint for me to achieve the look I was going for.  To be honest, you can’t even tell they were dark brown before!  I love the little bit of extra oomph they give my pomanders!  Check it out!

B and I went out with his sister yesterday to see the movie Limitless, I actually really ended up enjoying it!  We then went out to a nice restaurant (courtesy of a gift card from the parents of one of his wrestlers) and had the most amazing belly expanding meal.

Today was filled with watching the kids in the Nursery at church, hanging out at home, and now catching up on school work and blog related things.  Hope everyone is enjoying their first official day of Spring!  Love to all!


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Flower Pomander

Hi Everyone!  I decided to record a quick video tutorial so that I could link up with Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition’s VBlog link party!  Head on over and check out the videos!  I love her idea of getting to see what some of the bloggers look like “live”, we usually only get to see static pictures on blogs!

If you remember from my Stuff I like Sunday #5 post, yesterday, I featured the cute Pomander Balls Courtney made.  They were super easy to do, so I made a couple in spring colors…bring on the nice weather!  If you are unable to watch the video below, I decided to also do a text/picture tutorial, so just keep scrolling down!

Hopefully you can see the video, check out the horrendously ugly wallpaper I so frequently mention!

All the supplies you need:  Craft paper, Flower hole punch, styrofoam ball, push pins.  That’s it!  How simple!

Step 1: Punch out a bunch of flowers!

Step 2:  With some of your flowers, fold up the petals, this will help give it some texture in the end.  I recommend doing this ahead of time with a bunch of flowers, that way you don’t have to keep stopping.

Step 3: Grab your styrofoam ball, hold a flat flower down in place:

Step 4:  Take one of the flowers with the folded petals, layer this on top of the flat flower:

Step 5:  Stick in the push pin to secure in place:

Step 6:  Continue adding flowers on in the same fashion.  Try not to leave too big of a gap, you don’t want styrofoam showing through!

 Step 7:  Continue to cover the entire ball.  I left about a 2 inch gap on the bottom so that my ball would not roll around.  Feel free to cover the whole styrofoam ball if you want to add the Pomanders to a vase or dish.

 Step 8:  Sit back and admire your handy work!  Love how cute they are!

Try a couple different sizes, I think they would be adorable!  If you want to check out the tutorial for the painted shelf I created, that they are sitting on top of, click here!

Also, please be sure to stop by and enter my first ever giveaway!


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