Well hey, it’s been a while!

My how time flies!  I’ve been absent from posting for over a year, but boy have I been busy.  Just a quick recap…in April I started an accelerated Masters program in Educational Leadership.
In May I began a full blown job search.
All spring/summer we finalized wedding plans and created tons of DIY projects…including crocheting 150+ pumpkins for wedding favors…
In August I started a new job ( which I love and has been such a positive change for me).
In October I married the best man I know!

In November we packed up and moved to a new town.
In December we brought home a 2 month old puppy.

Did I mention that this was all while I was working on an accelerated Masters program?
Life has been tough, so many wonderful things, but really really tough.  I graduate in 3 weeks, and cannot wait to have some much needed free time!  My husband and I have a “belated”… By 6 months….honeymoon planned for April.  We will be headed to Punta Cana in the Dominican.  Has anyone been?  We have heard such wonderful things, and I can’t think of anything better than hanging on a beach relaxing after this insane New England winter.
I promise to pop back in with pictures, there are a plethora of our handsome pup.  Hope all of you out there in the blogosphere are keeping on!

Oh Happy Day!

Today is indeed a happy day, for multiple reasons.

Reason 1:  That darling little girl you see up there is sister #1, twenty *cough* something years ago.  And today is her birthday!  But these days she looks more like this:

So happy birthday sister #1!  This also means that I got to give her the present that I made here.  She loved it, even with its 4th of July flare!  Whew.

Reason 2:  Finally got some B time in!  I know I know, finally is a bit of an exaggeration considering we just got to spend multiple days together during the holidays, but these days I don’t take our time together for granted.  I can’t get enough of that handsome face!

Yes, he is indeed the one blowing up this photo in the back…

I told you, handsome, right?!  Love you Boo!  It’s prime wrestling season, and since B is a coach for one of our local high school wrestling teams, our time together is usually pretty scarce.  We enjoyed a pretty relaxing afternoon together and had a chance to catch up on our days.  Even just the down time is appreciated over here.  Like I said, happy day!

Reason 4:  I slept on the silhouette dilemma I was having yesterday and with a fresh pair of eyes today I was able to find a more suitable picture and am much happier with the outcome!  Now of course I’m seeing pictures all over the place that I think would make good silhouettes…I think I’ve created a monster!

Reason 5:  I have only one final class left to take in order to complete the graduate certificate I have been working on.  Thankfully, the class only requires one book…and I found a bargain!  More on that tomorrow!

Sorry, no crafts today…but stay tuned for tomorrow…a Michael’s trip with coupons in hand, and some planned decoupage on the way!  But we might just have to see what my schedule actually leaves time for.

I hope that everyone else enjoyed their Tuesday…hump day tomorrow, which means halfway through the work week!  I can do this…

New Years Resolution:  Less stress, less clutter, less complication.  Today’s progress: Less stress…check!  B and I enjoyed a stress free afternoon just hanging out at home.  Less clutter…check!  Organized the shoe closet and put away some laundry, it’s a start to the massive pile waiting to be sorted!  Less complication…debatable.  Nothing of note today…although it did feel pretty good to solve the silhouette dilemma!