Spring = difficulty with Spray Paint

I ended up playing hooky from work today, lets call it a mental health day.  And boy was it needed!

My car will finally be done this afternoon and I can pick it up after a home visit with a student.  I haven’t heard the final bill yet…and I’m cringing just thinking about it.  But hopefully all will be good.

Instead of sharing my “to do” lists, I’d like to share my “done” list!  Today was a productive day!

It started with submitting my final graduate paper.  Man, does it feel good!  Maybe one day I’ll finish the whole masters, but for now I’m happy with the certificate I set out to complete!  5 classes finished, with excellent grades, and paid in full.  Halleluia!

You’ll never guess what else I finished!  The bathroom walls are completely finished!  Let’s not talk about the wood work…floor…or ceiling.  Celebrate the walls!

 Not the best lighting, it makes them look washed out a bit.  But at this point, not an inch of me cares, they’re finished!  I’ll try to take some better pictures tonight after the sun has gone down.  HUGE project to cross off of my list.  I know that the bathroom isn’t nearly finished yet…but that was a big step!

While cleaning and packing things I got stuck with a bookcase dilemma.  This was the color of my bookcase:

Cute when I was younger, but not quite the look we’re going for now.  But it’s a sturdy bookcase that is still perfectly functional.  I washed that puppy up and let it dry overnight.

Then I chose a white spray paint that didn’t require any primer.  I was excited to give the spray paint a chance, particularly since each coat only needs 15 minutes to dry (WAY better than waiting 4 hours for paint from a can to dry before you can do another coat).

The worst thing about spray painting in spring, at least here in MA, is that it’s windy…and goes from a beautiful sunny day to rain storms in a matter of minutes.  I’m glad I got as far as I did today, because the next sunny day isn’t supposed to be until next Tuesday!  That barely gives me any time until we move to finish her up!

But I digress….here is the progress!

After the first coat of spray paint:

Then after a second coat:

 And then I got smart and decided to stick the beast up on some old saw horses for better access, particularly to the bottom half:

Now I was in business!  I’m certainly not the world’s best spray painter, hence the drips:

But I was able to complete this so quickly, as opposed to waiting for hours during dry time.  I also liked that I didn’t need to do 2 coats of primer…followed by 2 coats of paint in order to cover up that ugly blue.

It did however take me 3 cans of spray paint…and it still has a blue-ish tint!

But I’m totally ok with that.  Already it looks better than it did at first, and my ultimate goal is to have a white exterior, and have the inside and shelves be the color of the bathroom.  Luckily I have 3/4 of a gallon of left over paint!  That will almost definitely be waiting until after the move though.  There’s only so much I can cram into the next week and a half!  I’m exited to show you all the final final reveal…but don’t expect it any time soon 🙂

Here’s a peak at what my garage is looking like these days:

Another small cabinet that needs to be repainted…but that also won’t happen until after the move.  And there’s our brand new couch hiding in the background covered in plastic.  Good thing since all the green pollen is starting to attack!

While I was out spray painting in the back yard I came across some awesome tiny pinecones:

I grabbed a bag and started collecting:

That’s a large ziploc…not a tiny sandwich bag by the way.  I’m excited, but really happy I have many many months before deciding what kind of fall themed craft they will turn into.  Stay tuned!

Hope everyone is enjoying May so far, 9 days until my birthday.  Just sayin’  🙂

Simply Living

whirlwind of a week

Saturday morning are so difficult for me to get up and get moving!  I end up spending half of the day relaxing, until I finally convince myself to be productive, but I guess that’s what weekends are for!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA this week with postings, but it’s been a whirlwind of a week.  For the past year and a half I have been working on a Graduate Certificate Program, and have one class left to go.  That class started this Monday…so this week was all about getting back into school mode and remembering how to manage my time and do homework 😉

For those of you who don’t know, the C.A.G.S (certificate in advanced graduate study) program I have been working on is a Psych program focusing on Behavior Interventions for Children with Autism.  The program is all online, which means I need even more time management and motivational  skills, because it is all up to me!  No class time with face to face teachers or other students to get me motivated.  I’m glad to say I’ve managed to keep a 3.8 gpa through the last 4 classes…and would like to end on the same note!

This program ties into my “day job”, which involves working with kids, primarily on the Autism spectrum, or with severe developmental delays.  Over the last few weeks I have also taken on a couple after school hours with new students, which is also eating up my down time.  But at the end of the, long, day the work is rewarding, and every penny counts while B and I get closer to the apartment hunt this spring.

We had yet ANOTHER snow day this week.  As a teacher I found the first few snow days much more exciting than I did as a kid.  But, after 4 snow days, and the fact that it’s still only January, our year is extending farther and farther into the summer, and with the mention of taking away vacation days, I’m less excited about all these surprise days off.  I spent this snow day organizing my school work space (which you can read about here), and then B and I went to the movies and saw Tangled.  Adorable!  You’re never too old to enjoy a good Disney Flick.

Overall, the first month of my “blogging” past time has almost come to an end!  I can’t believe how quickly the year is already starting to fly by.  Throughout this month I have been able to connect with and be inspired by so many of you out there!  It is truly incredible.  I was featured for the first time (here, thanks Jennifer!), have gained a handful of followers, and have passed over 1,000 page views.  You guys are too good!  I look forward to what the rest of the year will bring, and can’t wait to share more of my ideas.  Enjoy the last few days of January everyone….