Save the Dates

Growing up with a parent who is a professional photographer meant posing for photo after photo.  Everyone I meet exclaims over how awesome that must be, and how many wonderful photos I must have.  Well, yes, we have lots of great photos, but there was also a camera around documenting every. single. moment.  Every holiday, every Thanksgiving dinner, every vacation, every milestone, every Birthday.  Not that each year you look the same blowing out the birthday candles or anything 🙂  Still, having grown up with that mentality I knew that wedding photos were going to be important to me.   When all is said and done the photos are what we would have to remember the day by.  And everyone kept telling us just how fast the day would go by.  Boy were they right…
While we did our best to DIY many aspects of the wedding, and cut costs where we could, be agreed that the photographer would not be a compromise.  We decided on a photographer that we both loved, and cut corners where we could so that we could afford him.  I’m happy to say that we made the absolute right choice!  We used Keith Berry of Berryphotos here in Massachusetts.  I would recommend him 100%!!
I wanted to do something fun for our save the dates, which we utilized our engagement session to accomplish.   Brian is a football and wrestling coach, so I loved the idea of incorporating that into our save the dates.  I set off to find a relatively inexpensive way to create custom jerseys.  For very little money I was pumped with the results.  It pays to google google google!  And shop around…

Add in the perfect fall foliage and I couldn’t have asked for a better representation.  We loved our photos and the fact that we were able to play around and have fun with a flair of creativity.

I waited out Vistaprint for one of their fabulous sales, and was able to get 150 postcards for next to nothing!  Bonus.  I couldn’t have been happier with how the design turned out, and they were delivered within only a few days.  I was so excited that I sent them out way earlier than I needed to, but I just couldn’t wait! 

Looking back these are still some of my favorite photos.  Once they hit the mail things felt really real and the ball was definitely rolling.
Stay tuned for our next project, wedding bells!

Football Food!

Football season is upon us.  Brian couldn’t be happier…
Typically for Sunday football, he heads to a friends house, and I stay home doing my own thing, checking in on the score every once and a while.  But this Sunday was the Patriots first game of the season…and his friends were busy.  So, we decided to make a day of it!
I happily headed off to Pinterest in search of some football food recipes, and was psyched with what I found!  Not to mention fall is officially here (well, unofficially, but you know…back to school and all that, it’s fall) and I’ve been dying to get the crock pot cranking more regularly.
First off, I found a potato soup recipe that looked simple, easy, and delicious, so I added that to the top of the menu.  Dumped all the ingredients into the crock pot, and got that baby cooking!
Next on the list was appetizers for during the game.  Brian had suggested pizza, so I searched around and found a really nice white pizza dip.  We added some turkey pepperoni, which hit the spot!  It was pretty soupy and messy, but man, it was good.  And, wouldn’t you know it…I never saved the recipe. For shame!
Finally, to go with the soup, I decided to try some of the really yummy looking pull breads I’ve seen all over the place.  So we picked up a nice loaf of uncut sour dough bread, and I searched for the best looking recipe.  Once again, surprise surprise, pinterest for the win!  Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls?  I think so!  Ours came out slightly too ranch flavored, but otherwise was really good.  We used shredded cheese rather than slices, and it worked just fine.  Love using what we already have in the fridge…
Pair that with the finished soup, and it was a dinner for champions!  Not to mention that the Pats won their game, Brian was a happy man.
I added some cheese and fresh chives…he added some extra bacon from the bread.  Delish!  The soup alone would have been good, it was very filling, and extremely easy.  Check out her link and recipe, I promise you won’t regret it!
Happy fall ya’ll!