Happy Martin Luther King Day!

It was so nice to have Monday off as a holiday today, but I hope that everyone also took a moment to appreciate Martin Luther King Jr. for the man that he was, and all that he did for our community.

Off to see the wizard!

New York was a blast, and Wicked was just fantastic!  Our trip was a quick one, and full of all kinds of adventures.  Boy was I tired by the end of the day!  Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of pictures because it was FA-Reezing and I was too cold to take my glove off and my camera out!

After a rather uneventful 4 hour bus ride Sister #1 and I met up with Sister #2 and we had lunch at the Stage Deli.  The food was delicious, even if it came in portions meant for giants.  And the humungous slab of cheesecake that showed up for dessert was to die for.  Once again, I’m SO glad a diet wasn’t on my list of New Year’s Resolutions…For any of you who have been to NYC, or have at least heard about it, it certainly is full of lights and people!

Times Square in all of its glory

We got to see some men trying to break the Guiness Book of World Record’s longest handshake record.  They were 20 hours into shaking hands when we passed by…

People trying to break the world record for “longest handshake”

We even saw a Bride and Groom!

Happy Wedding…complete strangers in the middle of Times Square

And there is a VERY blury picture of us up on the jumbo tron!

There we are!  Blury…taking pictures of the picture billboard on the side of a building

What a whirl wind of a Saturday!  Certainly made me appreciate the extra day off today even more!

Sunday was my Mom’s birthday…Happy Birthday Mom!  So we hung out at home, ordered Chinese Food and watched the Patriot’s fumble the play off game.  BOO.  Congratulations Jets…that was tough to say.

Today B and I finally got to spend some time together.  Between me being wiped out with the flu last week, and his hectic schedule, we hadn’t seen each other in over a week.  I hate when that happens…

I finally got around to finishing off my colored filter wreath that I gave a sneak peek to here.  Check it out!

As you saw in this post, I followed almost the exact same steps.  First, I took a foam brush and paint and added a thin layer to the edges of my coffee filters.  Before they dried I blew on them a bit to help separate the edges.  Then I peeled them all apart to let them dry.

Filters drying…see the little bit of purple on the edge!

Next I pre-folded my filters, like I did the last time.  Because I was working with a smaller wreath form this time, I decided to fold my filters into 1/8th rather than 1/4th.

I started the process the same.  Layed the wreath form flat on the table, started at the bottom and continued to glue my filters up and around.  For a full tutorial check out this post.

After running out of filters, it took me until now to stock back up and complete the process.  Once I was finished, I hung it on the door.  See what you think!

Finished product.

I think the little pop of color give it character and makes it a nice addition to the room!  I think I’ve had enough of folding and gluing coffee filters for now though…

Have a great Tuesday Everyone!

Sunday Sunday, I like Sunday…

Unfortunately I ran out of filters while in the midst of my second wreath.  I hope to finish tomorrow…but here’s a little sneak peak at what a tiny splash of color will do!

Little bit of purple on the edges

I’ll do a full post in the next few days once I’ve replenished my sources and complete the whole project.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was very low key and relaxing, I really needed that.  Cooked a big breakfast for B and sister #2.  Sister #2 just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed the other day, she’s still pretty swollen and not eating many solid foods.  But she made it through a pancake and some scrambled eggs, score!

I’m climbing into bed early armed with my brand new Kindle, and then its onward for a whole new work week.  Bring it!

The best part of waking up…

is Folgers in your cup!  So yesterday when I said my project involved a lot of these:

BUNN BCF250 Commercial Coffee Filters

I wasn’t kidding.  275 to be exact.  While perusing the interwebs the other day I found multiple people, for example here and here,  creating these coffee filter wreaths.  I knew immediately that this was something I needed to try.  95% of my inspiration comes from other people’s projects that look so fantastic I just have to give it a whirl myself.

All the supplies you need are a styrofoam wreath (can be found at the dollar store, but I got mine on sale at Michaels), a hot glue gun and multiple glue sticks, and coffee filters.

The makings for a snazzy looking wreath

I chose to go with white filters, but  I also love the look of the natural brown filters, maybe that will be my second wreath!

Step 1:  Fold the coffee filter.  First I folded it in half

Folded in half

Then I folded it in half again, so the filter is now in quarters.

Folded into quarters

I found it really helpful to pre-fold the filters, that way you don’t have to stop and fold each filter before gluing it to your wreath.  I started with 50 filters, little did I know I would need 225 more!

50 pre-folded filters to get me started

Step 2:  Lay your foam wreath flat on the table.  Because you will, most likely, be hanging your finished product on a wall, you want the back to be flat.  By laying the form flat on a table you will avoid adding filters too far around the back.

Step 3:  Start gluing filters onto the wreath, starting at the bottom.  I found it easiest to make a full ring first, and work my way up.

I overlapped the filters just a little bit, so there was no visible gap
The first layer completed

 Step 4:  Once you have completed a full circle, start a second layer.  I started gluing my second layer in between the first one as to avoid any major gaps.

Second layer

Step 5:  Continue making layers, each layer should be placed a little higher on the wreath, so that the filters are not too crowded and continue to grow.  Here I am after about 150 filters:

150 filters later…

And again, after about 225 filters:

Step 6:  Continue this process until you can no longer see any of the green foam underneath.

Step 7:  This step is optional.  Once you have sufficiently covered your entire wreath form take scissors and trim any of the filters you feel are uneven until you get the look you like.

Step 8:  If you decide you want to hang the wreath on a wall, you can either just find a hook and hang it like a regular wreath for a more floating look, or you can attach a ribbon like I did.  I cut a decorative ribbon to the size I liked, and just attached it onto the back of my wreath with thumb tacks.  You can’t even tell from the front so don’t worry about being too neat.  Nails, staples, or even the glue gun would work just fine.  I chose thumbtacks because they were easily accessible and give me the option of changing the ribbon if I decide.

Here is what my final wreath looked like!

I think that it came out looking great!  I can see adding little details to it for different holidays, for example Christmas ornaments, flowers, ribbons, etc.

Another idea that I might try next time was Lynda’s approach.  I love the extra detail of a little color on the edges!

Overall this was a time consuming, but super cheap and easy project.  I think it looks great and will probably make a few more!  Hopefully this time I will escape with fewer glue burns on my fingertips…

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New Years Resolution:  Less stress, less clutter, less complication.  Today’s progress: Less stress…check!  Weekends are easy for that.  Less clutter…check!  Project organize  is underway, photo documentation later! 

Falling into Friday

Happy Friday Everyone.  All I can say is it’s never felt so good to see the end of the work week…how many days until February Vacation?  I do love my public school schedule…

Not much to report today, but check back for a big project reveal tomorrow.  All I can say is that it involved lots and lots of these…

We’ve accumulated a good dusting of snow so far tonight, but I’m really hoping it doesn’t amount to too much more.  Seems we always get the storms on the weekends!  B and I went out for lunch after work today, and both ended up ordering pizza, then I came home to find out dinner was also pizza.  Too much doughy cheese goodness for one day!  I’m certainly glad I didn’t make a diet one of my resolutions this year…

Wish my man and his wrestlers good luck at their meet tomorrow.  Goodnight blogosphere.