Spring = difficulty with Spray Paint

I ended up playing hooky from work today, lets call it a mental health day.  And boy was it needed!

My car will finally be done this afternoon and I can pick it up after a home visit with a student.  I haven’t heard the final bill yet…and I’m cringing just thinking about it.  But hopefully all will be good.

Instead of sharing my “to do” lists, I’d like to share my “done” list!  Today was a productive day!

It started with submitting my final graduate paper.  Man, does it feel good!  Maybe one day I’ll finish the whole masters, but for now I’m happy with the certificate I set out to complete!  5 classes finished, with excellent grades, and paid in full.  Halleluia!

You’ll never guess what else I finished!  The bathroom walls are completely finished!  Let’s not talk about the wood work…floor…or ceiling.  Celebrate the walls!

 Not the best lighting, it makes them look washed out a bit.  But at this point, not an inch of me cares, they’re finished!  I’ll try to take some better pictures tonight after the sun has gone down.  HUGE project to cross off of my list.  I know that the bathroom isn’t nearly finished yet…but that was a big step!

While cleaning and packing things I got stuck with a bookcase dilemma.  This was the color of my bookcase:

Cute when I was younger, but not quite the look we’re going for now.  But it’s a sturdy bookcase that is still perfectly functional.  I washed that puppy up and let it dry overnight.

Then I chose a white spray paint that didn’t require any primer.  I was excited to give the spray paint a chance, particularly since each coat only needs 15 minutes to dry (WAY better than waiting 4 hours for paint from a can to dry before you can do another coat).

The worst thing about spray painting in spring, at least here in MA, is that it’s windy…and goes from a beautiful sunny day to rain storms in a matter of minutes.  I’m glad I got as far as I did today, because the next sunny day isn’t supposed to be until next Tuesday!  That barely gives me any time until we move to finish her up!

But I digress….here is the progress!

After the first coat of spray paint:

Then after a second coat:

 And then I got smart and decided to stick the beast up on some old saw horses for better access, particularly to the bottom half:

Now I was in business!  I’m certainly not the world’s best spray painter, hence the drips:

But I was able to complete this so quickly, as opposed to waiting for hours during dry time.  I also liked that I didn’t need to do 2 coats of primer…followed by 2 coats of paint in order to cover up that ugly blue.

It did however take me 3 cans of spray paint…and it still has a blue-ish tint!

But I’m totally ok with that.  Already it looks better than it did at first, and my ultimate goal is to have a white exterior, and have the inside and shelves be the color of the bathroom.  Luckily I have 3/4 of a gallon of left over paint!  That will almost definitely be waiting until after the move though.  There’s only so much I can cram into the next week and a half!  I’m exited to show you all the final final reveal…but don’t expect it any time soon 🙂

Here’s a peak at what my garage is looking like these days:

Another small cabinet that needs to be repainted…but that also won’t happen until after the move.  And there’s our brand new couch hiding in the background covered in plastic.  Good thing since all the green pollen is starting to attack!

While I was out spray painting in the back yard I came across some awesome tiny pinecones:

I grabbed a bag and started collecting:

That’s a large ziploc…not a tiny sandwich bag by the way.  I’m excited, but really happy I have many many months before deciding what kind of fall themed craft they will turn into.  Stay tuned!

Hope everyone is enjoying May so far, 9 days until my birthday.  Just sayin’  🙂

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Picking Paint for the Bathroom

As many of you know, I’ve been doing quite a bit of work renovating my bathroom.  If you’ve missed the process check it out here.  Things have been on hold for a while, pending a decision regarding paint color…but I think we have finally come to a consensus!

Since this is my parents house, and I will be moving out in a month, my mom wanted to decide on paint color, fair enough considering I won’t be here long enough to even enjoy it.  She wanted a beach cottage type of feel, so we were going to the sea foam/sea glass type of look.  After spending some time perusing all kinds of paint chips at the local Home Depot we settled on two, very similar but different tints.  The middle of each card were what we liked best:

We purchased a sample size of each color and brought ’em home:

 Thanks to the size of samples these days, we were able to put a nice size patch of each on two different walls.  Sorry for the terrible lighting…but you get the idea!

After some deliberation, it was a unanimous vote to go with the lighter of the two colors, found on the left of each picture.  I think it will look very pretty, and with the crisp white on all the wood work and floors, it will help keep the small room nice and open.

Next step will be one more coat of primer to cover up the samples…I don’t want some areas looking darker than the rest.  And then it will be back to Home Depot to purchase the actual paint.  Lots to work on this week!  I love how things are finally really coming together!!

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Cleaning Woodwork and Caulking

Hi Everyone!  What a busy but wonderful weekend!  B and I got to spend some quality time, a lot of which was spent chugging away at the bathroom, but it was just wonderful.  Today we worked the Nursery at Church, had brunch with some friends at a fabulous BBQ restaurant, and then celebrated the announcement of B’s soon to be nephew with his family.  What a whirlwind of a weekend!

Here’s an update on some of the progress I’ve made in the bathroom.  First on the agenda was cleaning up the woodwork, that didn’t need a lot of patching.  If you remember from the other day I used TSP, which was a recommendation from the guys at Home Depot.  I donned my rubber gloves and tackled the rest of the baseboards, and the door frame.  Here are a couple before and afters:

Dirty, dirty wood:

A little TSP later, and it practically looks like I put a fresh coat of primer on!

The stuff works wonders!  And I’m psyched that most of the baseboards and door frame are in good enough shape that I don’t need to do much patching.  Woot!

Next on the bathroom list was to caulk some of the seams.  Aka spots like this:

 Off to Lowe’s this time, I checked in with the guys there for their recommendation on caulk for the bathroom, I knew I wanted something paintable, so that when it’s time to paint I know it will blend in alright.  This is what they suggested:

 I then grabbed a caulking gun my dad had in the basement, and inserted the bottle:

 Follow the directions on the bottle, but this is really easy to do!  I then snipped the top of the tip off at an angle, there are tiny numbers printed on the tip, so you know where to cut, depending on how big the crack you are trying to seal.

 I then grabbed a bucket of soapy warm water, a sponge, and some paper towels, and was ready to go!

The first thing you want to do is twist the end of the gun tight, squeeze the trigger, and apply caulk to your crack.  I worked in about 2 feet patches.  Once I had applied 2 feet of caulk, I loosened the gun so that none would leak out, used a paper towel to squish the caulk into place, and then went back over with the wet sponge to wipe away the excess.  The nice part is that the caulk is easy to clean up with a little soap and water.  How easy is that?!

Here are a couple spots I patched, gap on the left, caulked on the right:

 And here is what the seam looks like, so you can see what it looks like caulked and uncaulked (the area on the right has the seam of caulk already applied):

Much cleaner!  The next tricky area was caulking around the sink.  I applied painters tape, applied the caulk, wiped off the excess with the wet sponge, and then pulled off the painters tape before the caulk dried, to keep a nice straight line:

 This picture shows how much better the seam looks once caulk is applied, as opposed to the left corner that hasn’t been caulked yet:

I’m hoping to be back tomorrow with an update on patching the walls!  Can’t wait for this project to be done!!  Have a great week everyone!

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Tackling the Wood Work

Oh lordy, this is only the beginning! As you saw in my last post, I started to tackle my ugly bathroom.  Now that all the walls are de-wall papered and cleaned, it was time to start patch work.  I decided to tackle the window sills first.

I started this process by using a small putty knife to chip away at the paint that was already flaking off

That left me with huge spots of bare wood, and the rest was still covered in grimy old paint:

Now I had to decide where to go from here.  I could just clean it up and cover in a couple coats of primer, but I was afraid that would look bumpy and rough, especially in the spots where it was down to the bare wood.  My next option was to sand everything down, but that would all have to be done manually since there were so many small and awkward areas…no thanks.  Or there are paint strippers.  But I was really hesitant about this one since the best strippers are heavily chemical based, and I would be working inside a tiny bathroom with only the one window for ventilation.

So off I went to my local home depot and discussed with the men who actually know what their doing!  Home I came with a couple ideas.  First step was a spray on TSP.  This not only helps clean off all the grime, but it de-glosses the paint, which helps new paint or agents stick better.

 Here I am, ready to go!  I couldn’t find my goggles…so stunner shades would have to do 🙂  This is odor less, but till chemical based, so wear the gloves and glasses! oh…and clean the mirror…duh.

The process is really easy…spray on, wait a few minutes (longer for bigger stains), and wipe off with a clean/dry cloth.  I cut up a couple of old t-shirts.  Here is how it looks with the TSP on…

And here is how it looks once it has been wiped off.  The pictures don’t show a huge difference, but the paint is no longer shiny, and all the dirt and stains wiped right off.  Nice!

The next thing the local home depot men suggested was MH Ready Patch.  This is like a spackle, that can cover large areas.

 So I grabbed my putty knife, and started spreading on a generous layer of the Ready Patch.  Smells a little bit, but not too much!  Just remember that things don’t need to be too even or smooth, because you will be sanding it down later.

For the smaller to reach areas, like where the wood connects to the wall, I just used my finger to spread the patch in place.  For areas where the bare wood was showing, or nail holes, I added a little extra patch to make things even.  Here’s what it looks like while it is drying:

The can said it took 30 minutes to dry, but I found that I had to wait much longer than that.  When you sand the dry Patch it will kick up a TON of dust, so I went off in search of the proper goggles and a mask.  No one said you would look good while working!

Here it is all sanded down!  I can’t believe how much smoother and better it looks!

 I will be going back and adding a second layer to a couple spots.  But overall it feels almost completely smooth to the touch!  It will take me a ton of time to get to all the inside pieces of wood, particularly around the glass.  And the next step will be all the baseboards and the door frame….but I’m really happy with how the window came out!

Yay for trying new things!  Off to go shower all the powder outta my hair!

What I’ve been working on

For anyone who hasn’t seen shots of my ugly bathroom with it’s hideous wall paper, here are a couple gems, mess and all:

Clearly my small attempts at decorating were futile since everything is just so outdated.  I’m hanging out Friday night, and the areas with peeling wall paper start getting to me…

So what do I decide to do?  Give the wall paper a tug and see what happens!

I was surprised to find out how easily it was coming off!  So I grabbed a couple tools and got to work.  Huge chunks of the paper were just peeling right off…awesome, right?

I was able to get most of the wall paper off pretty easily, just scrape, peel, ta da!  Minus a few tricky areas behind the toilet, tub, and radiator.  However…look at the nasty layer of adhesive it left behind!

However, with a bucket of hot hot water, a sponge, and a smaller scraper, I was again pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to remove the adhesive.  Time consuming…you betcha, blisters on my fingers…oh yes, achy back…check.  But look how it progressed:

Pink paint underneath…gross.  I took a break for the night, and came back refreshed the next day.  This involved more removing of adhesive…wet area, scrap, pull, repeat.  And then I went back with warm soapy water and scrubbed the walls with the rough side of my sponge.  Here’s how things are looking!

 I can’t believe the progress already!  There are some spots where the paint peeled off the wall…so there will be lots of sanding to come:

The woodwork will all need to be sanded and smoothed down as well before being painted.  And there are some major cracks and holes that need repair work:

Clearly this isn’t some simple small project, I’ve got hours of hard work and elbow grease ahead of me, but I’m excited about it.  I can’t believe I’ve already made this much progress in 2 days!  Stay tuned to see how my bathroom progresses!

Hope the rest of you had a wonderful weekend!

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